FLAVOURS OF THE VIPAVA VALLEY, 21 April through 21 May 2023

“Quality is never coincidence. The close cooperation between local suppliers and master chefs, who have the philosophy of “from the garden to the plate” literally in their blood, sets the Vipava Valley at the very top of the Slovenian gastronomic regions.”
Brigita Habjan Štolfa, CEO of the Regional Development Agency ROD Ajdovščina

The month-long culinary festival under the heading Flavours of the Vipava Valley invites you to explore the best of what the Vipava Valley has to offer. Designed specifically for this foodie event by the top gurus of local cuisine, the menus incorporate seasonal dishes inspired by local traditions, featuring local ingredients, often from organic production. In the same vein, the wine accompaniment also follows local traditions by including a range of organic and conventional wines made by the region’s winemakers, all of them to be showcased on Sunday and Monday, the 21 and 22 May 2023, respectively, as part of Flavours of the Vipava Valley to be held in Vipava.

An exclusive treat of the culinary extravaganza is the ice cream under the brand ‘Flavours of the Vipava Valley’. Made from all-local ingredients, it will be featured in all the best patisseries across the Valley for a month.

Restavracija Grad Kromberk • Turistična kmetija Arkade • Gostilna Podfarovž • Faladur Vinski bar in vinoteka • Gostilna Tratnik • Majerija • DAM boutique hotel & restaurant • Gostilna pri izviru Hublja • Turistična kmetija Saksida • Penzion Sinji vrh • Gostilna Termika • Gostilna Sivi Čaven • Restavracija Na Žagi • Ošterija Branik • Restavracija Primula • Gostilna Krhne

Restavracija Grad Kromberk

Chef: Aleš Šibav

Grajska cesta 1, 5000 NOVA GORICA
05 30 27 160, 041 693 073


• Amuse-gueules (sea pate trifecta) • Spring sprout cream, trout flan, bean pesto with garlic, black rice chip • Fish lasagne in a jar, herb béchamel, olive smoke • Gilthead seabream (confit), vegetable ragu, baked potato soufflé • Young cheese panna cotta with tarragon, olive oil, olive crumble • Greetings from the restaurant

Price per person: 55.00 €, wine accompaniment of 5 samples 22.00 €

Turistična kmetija Arkade

Chef: Rok Rupnik

Črniče 91, 5262 ČRNIČE
05 36 66 009, 041 614 708


Pork delicacies from the pantry • Head cheese on lettuce • Home-style minestrone • Artisanal pasta in capon sauce • Stuffed pork loin with asparagus and prosciutto with pea puree and celery sauce • Dessert

Price per person: 50.00 € with 5 accompanying wines

Gostilna Podfarovž

Chef: Denis Ibrišimović

Ulica Ivana Ščeka 2, 5271 VIPAVA
05 36 65 217, 040 638 470


Amuse-bouche: Podfarovž-style soup • Marinated trout dusted with burnt hay powder and nori seaweed, warm dashi soup stock, radicchio, and apple • Beef tongue in saor, emulsion of horseradish, capers, pomegranate granita • Pot barley risotto with asparagus, smoked cheese, poached egg yolk and pancetta cracklings, and dandelion • Oven-roasted saddle of veal, fig tart, nettle chips, and demi-glace • Walnut štruklji with ice cream

Price per person: 50.00 €

Faladur Vinski bar in vinoteka

Chef: Erik Batagelj

Ulica Ivana Ščeka 6, 5271 Vipava
040 232 987


Amuse-bouche – in memory of Gustl • Jota stew from fermented turnip with pieces of roasted sausage (Pinela 2021, Marc) • Frtalja with lemon balm and Golden Ring White Valley (Zelen 2021, Fedora) • Polenta with roasted prosciutto and cracklings (Barbera 2019, Miška) • Vipava-style štruklji (Ambrosia 2015, Štokelj) • Petit fours (goodbye bites)

Price per person: 43.00 €, wine accompaniment 20.00 €


Amuse-bouche – in memory of Gustl • Courgette cannelloni, sheep curd from the Orel cheese farm, mint oil, fraiche sauce, mint (Sauvignon 2022, Lepa Vida) or Trout sashimi, wild garlic mayonnaise, lime, red pepper (Pinela 2022, Lepa Vida) • Cheese štrukelj with fresh herbs from own garden, trout soup (Sauvignon 2019, Hedele) • Tortellini a la Maison stuffed with cow tail cream, chocolate sauce, buckwheat popcorn, basil oil (Pinot Noir 2019, Tilia) or Creamy risotto with wild garlic pesto, buratta, lemon, pistachios (Goli Breg Belo 2018, Fedora) • Roast beef, pea cream, buckwheat popcorn, demi-glace (Planta Red 2019, Štokelj) or Trout, potato millefeuille, butter sauce with sparkling wine, roasted hazelnut crumble (White 2018, Sutor) or Parsnip cream with coconut milk, charred cauliflower, roasted hazelnut crumble, mint oil, fresh herbs (Retro White, 2020, Guerila) • Yoghurt panna cotta with lemon flavour, basil, olive oil (Ambrosia 2015, Štokelj) • Petit fours (goodbye bites)

Price per person: 55.00 €, wine accompaniment 25.00 €

Gostilna Tratnik

Chef: Tomi Tratnik

Col 17, 5273 COL
05 99 67 999, 051 248 133


Amuse-bouche • Deer carpaccio with apple and rocket – Creamy porcini mushroom soup • Venison goulash with homemade cheese štruklji, broccoli and cranberry jam • Wine-poached peaches, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel topping

Price per person: 28.00 €

Gostilna picerija Anja

Chef: Anja Paljk Fabjan

Budanje 3c, 5271 VIPAVA
041 750 704


Asparagus on a bed of polenta with crispy fried prosciutto • Beef medallion in mushroom sauce and horseradish štruklji • Apple strudel

Price per person: 35.00 €


Vipava-style jota with smoked neck of pork • Walnut štruklji

Price per person: 10,00 €

Ošterija Žogica

Chef: Matej Vodan

Soška 52, 5250 SOLKAN
05 300 52 40, 040 610 591


Nettle gnocchi with asparagus, pork jowl cracklings and goat’s cheese • Dandelion salad • Pork tenderloin stuffed with asparagus and baby potatoes and asparagus sauce • Spring dessert

Price per person: 30.00 €


Cream cheese panna cotta with asparagus and nuts • Dandelion salad • Meadow herb-encrusted zander with baby potatoes and asparagus • Spring dessert

Price per person: 30.00 €


Chef: Matej Tomažič

Slap 18, 5271 VIPAVA
05 368 50 10, 041 405 903


Herbal cottage cheese, tomato carpaccio • Vipava-style mlinci pasta in aromatic broccoli sauce • Roasted suckling pig, spring side dishes • Walnut dessert with citrus aroma and strawberry sauce

Price per person: 50.00 €


Crystallized dandelion on yoghurt and honey • Beef carpaccio, delicate sheep’s cheese, with pine nuts and wild berries • Hand-torn corn noodles with sautéed courgettes, hazelnuts and yellow pepper cream • Tarragon noodles with tomatoes, elderflower and vanilla • Herb sorbet with pollen • Pork cigars with wild hop and pancetta stuffing, thyme sauce • Chocolate cube on a violet garden

Price per person: 60.00 €

Gostilna Pri Lojzetu, Dvorec Zemono

Chef: Tomaž Kavčič

Dvorec Zemono, Zemono 7, 5271 VIPAVA
05 368 70 07, 041 617 408


House tradition: 3 types of homemade bread and horseradish spread • Meadow and garden herbs, herbs, Vipava trout and trout roe • Stone in a Vipava field – Clay, canestrello shellfish, European angler, baby peas and 3 types of asparagus • Marinated roast beef from Sinji Vrh with black olive caviar • Vipava spring flowers, Pâté de Foie Gras with apricot, raspberry and blueberry • Beef cheek cooked for 13 hours at 74 degrees Celsius, in a gravy reduction with smoked potatoes • Surprise dessert

Price per person: 100.00 €; with wine accompaniment 130.00 €

DAM boutique hotel & restaurant

Chef: Uroš Fakuč

Ulica Vinka Vodopivca 24, 5000 Nova Gorica
05 333 11 47, 041 337 443


Amuse-bouche • Marble trout, smoked curd, pickles • Grilled gnocchi with fish brodette cream and raw fish • Cauliflower, egg and truffle • Rice with prawns and parsley powder • Baked tuna in cuttlefish crust • Mojito • Dessert and white truffles

Price per person: 95.00 €; with wine accompaniment 140.00 €

Gostilna pri izviru Hublja

Chef: Tomaž Pižent

Cesta VI. Prekomorska 75, 5270 AJDOVŠČINA
05 366 37 88, 041 201 924


Vipava-style jota • Homemade štruklji

Price per person: 11.00 €


Asparagus soup • Roasted lamb with baby potatoes • Homemade štruklji

Price per person: 25.00 €

Turistična kmetija Saksida

Chef: Marko Bolčina

Zalošče 12a, 5294 DORNBERK
05 30 17 853, 041 208 345


Espuma of Nanos cheese with onion and strawberry mayonnaise with crispy pork rind • Prosciutto and horseradish on tapioca crisp with butter and sweet paprika • Marinated sardine with asparagus jelly • Poached egg with lentils, potatoes and umami sprinkle • Carrot with cracklings and lardo • Beef cheeks with black sesame and crispy vegetables • Lemon sorbet • Dessert

Price per person: 88.00 €, wine accompaniment 30.00 €

Penzion Sinji vrh

Chef: Irma Vidmar

Kovk 10a, 5273 COL
031 836 813


Amuse-bouche – Carpaccio of Highland cattle from our organic farm with Golden Ring aged cheese • Polenta with meadow chicory, roasted prosciutto and albumin curd • Mountain pasture reared lamb and goat meat with savoury štruklji and asparagus sauce • Afters – Golden Ring blue-mould cheese over an orange with coffee sprinkles • Dessert

Price per person: 50.00 € with wine accompaniment

Gostilna Termika

Chef: Aleksander Mladovan

Ozeljan 6a, 5261 ŠEMPAS
05 30 88 557, 031 894 694


Meat slice a la Vipava Valley • Deconstructed jota • TERMIKA plate • Local blueberries embraced by white chocolate ganache

Price per person: 35.00 €

Gostilna Sivi Čaven

Chef: Jasmina Črv Čermelj

Potoče 6, 5263 DOBRAVLJE
031 836 813


Old-school goulash with cheese-stuffed štruklji • Dessert a la Maison

Price per person: 18.00 €


Vipava-style jota with fried sausage • Lamb on carrot puree with wine sauce and pot barley with asparagus and prosciutto • House dessert

Price per person: 29.00 €

Restavracija Na Žagi

Chef: Dragan Petrović

Budanje 8, 5271 VIPAVA
041 540 964


Amuse-bouche • Chef’s selection of raw starters • Pressed octopus • Coquilles Saint-Jacques (scallops) • Saffron risotto with raw prawns • Pinela-poached wild Adriatic seabass

Price per person: 65.00 €, wine accompaniment 20.00 €

Ošterija Branik

Chef: Patricija Furlan

Branik 79a, 5295 BRANIK
05 305 76 06, 051 323 912


Locally made cold cuts • Homemade potato gnocchi with asparagus and roasted pancetta • Beef cheeks in porcini sauce • Corn polenta with sweet gorgonzola • Walnut štruklji

Price per person: 30.00 €

Restavracija Primula

Chef: Jožef Žabar

Soška cesta 40, 5250 SOLKAN
05 300 00 00, 051 648 661


Baby goat slices with local honey • Risotto with maidenstears and baked rolled pancetta • Beef fillet with Merlot reduction, side dish • Primula spring dessert

Price per person: 37.00 €, wine accompaniment 22.00 €

Gostilna Krhne

Chef: Filip Ferjančič

Glavni trg 5, 5271 VIPAVA
051 247 035


Bread dumplings with wild asparagus, asparagus sauce, smoked sour cream, poached egg yolk with fried pancetta • Beef cheeks combined with vegetables and herb puree • Vipava-style cream cake

Price per person: 35,00 €

Ekološka turistična kmetija Toncevi

Chef: Mark Smerajc

Pedrovo 9, 5295 BRANIK
05 305 75 95, 041 737 150


Cured meats with goat cheese • Nettle and asparagus soup or goat soup • Homemade gnocchi with asparagus or homemade tagliatelle with deer goulash • Peka roast with goat or lamb, baked potatoes, asparagus sauce or grilled goat cheese baked potatoes, asparagus sauce • Dessert • Coffee or liquor

Price per person: 3 course menu 29.00 €‎ • 5 course menu 39.00 € • 3 course menu with wine accompaniment  49.00 € • 5 course menu with wine accompaniment  59.00 €

This year’s month-long food festival is part of the cooperation project called ORGANIC FLAVOURS OF SLOVENIA (EKO OKUSI SLOVENIJE) which brings together several local action groups. Comprising one Croatian and 18 Slovenian partners from four Slovenian local action groups, the project is a partnership between the Regional Development Agency ROD Ajdovščina, the organic farmer Kristijan Vidmar from Sinji Vrh, and the company Okusi d.o.o., managed by chef Tomaž Kavčič, and is spearheaded by the Vipava Valley Local Action Group.

In the pursuit of improving the visibility of locally made and processed organic products through their use in fine dining and their availability in specialised local shops, various activities are carried out across the Vipava Valley and the regions of Posavje, Goričko and Gorenjska as part of this organic-flavour initiative.

In fact, March saw the first B2B meet-up between chef Tomaž Kavčič and organic farmers from the Vipava Valley Local Action Group. The fruitful discussion also touched upon community-supported agriculture between gastronomy providers and farmers. Increasingly gaining traction in Slovenia as a result of the country’s vigorous promotion of the production and consumption of healthy, locally produced food, this model will be the topic of workshops taking place in the upcoming months as part of ORGANIC FLAVOURS OF SLOVENIA.



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